Occupational / Industrial Hygiene

Numerous manufacturing processes, operations and equipment/machinery involving the use of chemicals can result in occupational hygiene concerns due to worker exposure to hazardous substances. Some of these activities or the environments in which machinery and equipment is present can also lead to worker exposure to physical agents such as noise and heat. At H.E.L.P. Safety Services we recognize that while reducing exposure to zero may not be possible, efforts should be invested into reducing exposures as much as possible and to healthy and allowable exposure limits.

The following are some of the important hygiene services we provide at H.E.L.P. Safety Services:

  • Ventilation for contaminant control and comfort
  • Designated Substance Survey – Identification, clean-up and remediation (asbestos, mould, etc.)
  • Air Sampling
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Respiratory Protection – Qualitative Fit Test
  • Hazard Recognition, Protection & Control
  • Toxicology
  • Sound Level Surveys
  • Conduct pre-start H&S reviews as per Item 8 of the PSR Table