OH&S Compliance Coordination

Full-time Health & Safety Coordination: Our Compliance Coordination services, typically catering to industrial, production and manufacturing establishments, are designed to bring your Health & Safety program into full compliance with corporate and legislative requirements. This program is designed for short term intervention to bring a health & safety program to a status of compliance, leading to part-time (see below) or internal compliance status.

Part-time Health & Safety Coordination: Designed to oversee and implement a client’s health & safety program. Services offered include daily, weekly and monthly monitoring, proportionate to program improvement and compliance status. This program is designed to progress clients towards eventual internal management.

As a follow up, H.E.L.P. Safety Services will offer third-party periodic health & safety program audits to ensure continued program compliance and maintenance.

Compliance Coordination services may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Compliance auditing and reporting
  • WSIB claims management and coordination
  • Process and/or job hazard analysis
  • Assist supervision with preparation and implementation of safe work procedures
  • Update & revise current H&S Program content to reflect corporate & legislative changes
  • Participate in and revitalize Joint Health & Safety Committee activities and functions
  • Update and maintain appropriate H&S training records and documentation
  • Conduct incident investigations and report on same
  • Liaise with the management team to ensure projects meet applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipal standards
  • Identification, development and coordination of Health & Safety training
  • Conduct limited training, as appropriate