Ministry of Labour Order Response & Compliance

Non-compliance can have immediate repercussions. You have a limited time frame to comply with an order from the Ministry of Labour and depending on your circumstances it may take a while to bring you into compliance. Immediate action is strongly recommended.

Upon being made aware of an MOL Inspector on-site or at your workplace, it is important that you understand the powers of the inspector and that you have a plan in place. The plan should be detailed in your Health & Safety Manual and outline the process for dealing with MOL Inspectors, their inspections and/or their investigations.

If you do not have an updated health and safety manual to deal with workplace injuries then you would be wise to contact us as professional health and safety consultants to help you with your situation

During the visit take detailed notes on what the health and safety inspector looks at, does, says and requests. You should also take your own photographs, measurements, etc. This information could be very useful to you later and also to better enable us to assist you and represent you in future dealings with the inspector and the Ministry of Labour.

Inspectors have to power to issue work orders, ticket individuals for offenses and initiate prosecution against an individual and/or company.

At H.E.L.P. Safety Services, our team of former M.O.L. inspectors are ready to assist you with understanding, addressing and complying with any issues arising from an Ministry of Labour inspection or investigation. We also maintain a network of industry partners ready to assist in various capacities, including but not limited to legal advice, protection and representation.

When handling matters relating to the Ministry of Labour, there is no time to waste – call us today!