Working At Heights

As of April 1, 2017, employers must ensure that certain workers complete working at heights training courses delivered by a CPO approved training provider before they can work at heights.

Working at heights training in Ontario is mandatory for workers on construction projects that use any of the following methods of fall protection:

  • travel restraint systems
  • fall restricting systems
  • fall arrest systems
  • safety nets
  • work belts or safety belts

If any of these apply to your employees then working from heights training will be required.  There was a two-year transition period for workers who, prior to April 1, 2017, successfully completed the working at heights training courses known as “fall protection training”.  Refer to subsection 26.2(1) of the Construction Projects Regulation. These workers had until April 1, 2017 to complete a CPO approved working at heights training program.  It is mandatory for employees that have not had training to complete the working at heights training course prior to working at heights greater than 3 Metres (9.84 Ft.).

As of March 29, 2017, the Ministry of Labour has decided to extend the deadline to have Working at Heights training to October 1, 2017 but in order to qualify for this extension, there are specific requirements. This deadline only applies to workers who had previously completed the Fall Protection Training referred to above, within the given timeframe, and have a Letter of Enrollment from a CPO Approved Working at Heights Training provider, stating that the listed participants are enrolled in a CPO approved course prior to October 1, 2017. Both workers’ names and the specific date of the course must be clearly identified within the Letter of Enrollment and this letter needs to readily available to provide to an inspector, upon request.

Ontario Working At Heights Training Objective

Falls in the construction industry are the prime cause of fatalities and one of the leading causes of lost time injuries in Ontario. The objective of the program is to make construction sites safer. Protect your employees and your company with a CPO approved working at heights training program.  This course will arm your people with the knowledge needed about fall hazards and safe working practices to apply when working at heights.

Students will learn to identify potential fall hazards and actionable steps needed to reduce or eliminate the risks associated with falls.  They will also learn how to use a variety of fall protection equipment. The training will teach them how to select appropriate equipment for the job, how to inspect and properly adjust it. The training is made up of two parts: the first half of the day is the “Theory” portion while the second half is made up of the “Practical” portion. It is the Practical portion that will need to be revisited every three years in the Refresher course – the Theory portion is not revisited in the Refresher training.

What Participants Will Learn to:

  • Identify fall hazards
  • Properly select and inspect Personal Fall Protection Systems (PFPS)
  • Calculate fall clearance distances
  • Understand the effect of fall forces
  • Utilize methods to reduce fall arrest forces
  • Safely use portable ladders and PFPS on Elevated Work Platforms
  • Demonstrate the proper inspection, donning and use of a full body harness and associated equipment
  • As well as plenty of other valuable information, advice, and protocols on how to protect oneself and all other workers around them.


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