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Helping You Deal With Workplace Accidents

When Workplace Accidents Occur We’re Here To Help

If a health and safety inspector is contacting you regarding workplace accidents or you have been issued an order or a ticket from the Ministry of Labour, contact us immediately and adhere to the following guidelines explicitly.

We are here to get you out of hot water by helping you avoid prosecution and providing assistance with your case if prosecution is a possibility. We’ll also take over the negotiation with the inspector.

If you are reaching this page because a workplace accident occurred, especially one involving workplace injuries, take comfort in knowing that we are experienced health and safety consultants, in business for 20 years, ready to guide you through the right course of action.

Special Notes:

Non-compliance can have immediate repercussions. You have a limited time frame to comply with an order from the Ministry of Labour and depending on your circumstances it may take a while to bring you into compliance. Immediate action is strongly recommended.

Beware that a health and safety inspector has the legal right to enter your workplace at any time without appointment or a warrant.  Do not refuse entry or limit access.

Step 1: Ask The Inspector For ID And A Business Card

If someone that you are not familiar with arrives at your workplace claiming to be a safety inspector ask for identification and business card to confirm that the person is who they say they are. Retain their contact information.

Step 2: Cooperate With The Inspector And Designate A Contact Person

Remember that health and safety inspectors are people doing their jobs.  They can make a tough situation worse if they feel you are being adversarial or ignoring them.  Cooperate and make it clear that you take all workplace injuries and safety concerns very seriously.

Never say no to the inspector.  Instead, if the situation merits, tell the inspector you are willing to comply but need to consult management, legal counsel or us – your designated health and safety consultants.  Resist the urge to debate issues. Your company can challenge or appeal an inspector’s order through the appropriate process later.

Designate a member of management as the contact person to communicate with all safety inspectors and your designated health and safety consultants. That person should be familiar with the company’s health and safety manual and workplace safety. Be sure this individual is cooperative, non-adversarial, committed to safety and handles him or herself in a professional manner.

Step 3: Have a Response Plan

The company health and safety manual should detail a process to adhere to in the event a health and safety inspector requests an interview or initiates an investigation.  Your manual should include details of how to reach the designated contact person.  This plan should include contact information for the company’s lawyers in case it’s necessary to get them involved (i.e. the inspector requests privilege protected documents).

This plan should list the powers that a H&S Inspector has under the OHS laws and what do when the inspector exercises those powers.

If you do not have an updated health and safety manual to deal with workplace injuries then you would be wise to contact us as professional health and safety consultants to help you with your situation

Tip #4: Take Detailed Notes

During the visit take detailed notes on what the health and safety inspector looks at, does, says and requests. You should also take your own photographs, measurements, etc. This information could be very useful to you later and also to better enable us to assist you and represent you in future dealings with the inspector and the Ministry Of Labour.

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